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Details: 'USAID PES Sourcebook'

Rohit Jindal; John Kerr; Theo Dillaha; Michael Colby, Department of Community, Agriculture, Recreation, and Resource Studies, Michigan State University; Office of International Research, Education, and Develop
Publication Date: 10/2007

This PES Sourcebook focuses on conceptual and design issues related to payments for environmental services (PES).The Sourcebook is meant to serve as both a ready reference and a repository of useful knowledge on PES. Because it is meant for managers and practitioners, it is not intended to be dense or technical. The Sourcebook consists of a series of briefs on selected topics. These include practical examples and graphics to explain various concepts. The aim is to make each brief a stand-alone document so that practitioners can directly access a particular section without necessarily reading earlier sections. At the end of many briefs, further relevant readings are suggested.

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