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Finance and Nature New Market Opportunities and Growing Risks: The Financial Impact of the Natural World
March 14-16, 2002 | Kew, UK

The integrity of natural ecosystems is now recognized as being crucial to the health of global financial and capital market systems. Bringing together appropriate investors, buyers and sellers will help to maintain ecosystem services and assets, and will ensure continuing global...

Capturing the Value of Ecosystem Services: Developing Markets for Environmental Assets
November 5-6, 2002 | Tokyo, Japan.

A public meeting involving investors, multilateral agencies, governments, and NGOs, took place to discuss potential markets for enviromental services. ...

Beyond Carbon: Emerging Markets for Ecosystem Services
October 29 – 30, 2003 | Rüschlikon, Switzerland

The Katoomba VI workshop focused on frameworks for ecosystem service markets, including the roles of political institutions, bilateral and multilateral institutions as well as industry leadership through new initiatives such as the...

Building Foundations for Pro-Poor Ecosystem Services in Africa
19-22 September, 2005 | Kampala, Uganda

In recent years, markets and payments for ecosystem services (PES), such as carbon sequestration, watershed protection and biodiversity conservation, have emerged in several African nations as a viable method for maintaining ecosystems and rewarding responsible environmental management. These...

Making the Priceless Valuable: Jumpstarting Environmental Markets
June 7–9, 2006 | Portland, Oregon

The Pacific Northwest is increasingly ripe for a regional conference to further spur and galvanize emerging efforts to form conservation banks, carbon markets, water quality trading schemes, and other attempts to improve environmental conditions through market mechanisms. A recent climate...

Valuing Environmental Services: Securing the Natural Capital of Present and Future Generations
October 3-4, 2006 | São Paulo, Brazil

The time is ripe to invigorate discussions on ecosystems services in Tropical America. The Katoomba Network is designed to create an enabling environment for local actors to take critical steps towards the development and improvement of payments for ecosystem services-”PES” initiatives and...

Catalyzing Payments for Ecosystem Services in Africa A Meeting of the East and Southern Africa Katoomba Group
November 8-10, 2006 | Cape Town, South Africa

In Africa, there is growing potential for markets and payments for the ecosystem services (PES), including deals related to carbon sequestration, biodiversity conservation and watershed protection. These emerging markets and payments have the potential to encourage sustainable land...

Designing Payment and Compensation for Ecosystem Service Schemes (PyCES) and REDD
October 2-4, 2007 | Iquitos, Peru

Over one hundred and twenty people from the local government, local, national and international NGOs, and communities, convened in Iquitos, Peru from October 2-4, 2007 at a meeting hosted by the...

ERT/TAKG/Winrock Symposium Leveraging multiple environmental markets to support conservation projects in Latin America
February 18-19, 2007 | Cartagena, Colombia

Environmental Resources Trust (ERT), Winrock International and the Tropical America Katoomba Group (TAKG) share the pleasure to host the symposium: Leveraging multiple environmental markets to support conservation projects in Latin America. Scope:
To identify a strategy and design...

Avina Foundation PES Workshops
Fechas Multiples | Lugares Multiples

Spanish | English
Durante el año 2007, la Fundación AVINA ha lanzado una secuencia de talleres de formación en Mercados de Servicios Ecológicos (llamado así enfatizar el carbono pero no excluir los de biodiversidad, biomasa y agua) destinada a socios y miembros de la organización....

Global Katoomba Meeting Developing an Infrastructure Fund for the Planet
June 9-10, 2008 | Washington DC, United States

The Global Katoomba meeting brings together leading policy makers, major financial institutions, business leaders, the environmental community and local indigenous groups to...

Taking Stock and Charting a Way Forward for Payments for Ecosystem Services in Africa A Meeting of the East & Southern Africa Katoomba Group
September 16-18, 2008 | Dar-es-salaam, Tanzania

Previous regional Katoomba meetings in Uganda (2005) and South Africa (2006) demonstrated that Africans have become increasingly interested in market-based...

Desarrollo de Productos Ecosistémicos en Áreas Naturales Protegidas Un taller sobre areas naturales protegidas con salida al campo
15 al 16 de mayo del 2008 | Querétaro, Mexico

La Comisión Nacional de Áreas Naturales Protegidas, la LV Legislatura del Estado de Querétaro y Centro Tierra Sierra Gorda organizaron el Foro “Desarrollo de Productos Ecosistémicos en Áreas Naturales Protegidas”, para promover el desarrollo de productos ecosistémicos en ANP´s, para su promoción y...

Developing an Infrastructure Fund for the Planet
June 9-10, 2008 | Washington, DC

Developing an Infrastructure Fund for the Planet explored how ecosystem service payments and markets in carbon, water and biodiversity are quickly becoming a key...

Legal and Institutional Frameworks and their Impact on Ecosystem Services Deals
August 6 – 8, 2008 | Lima, Peru

From August 6-8, IUCN and Katoomba held a workshop on the legal and institutional frameworks related to ecosystem services deals in Latin America. The workshop’s objective was to present findings from preliminary scoping work that had been conducted on the design of carbon and water deals in the...

Designing REDD activities to mitigate climate change
October 27-31, 2008 | Turrialba, Costa Rica

Leer la versión en español.

Designing REDD activities to mitigate climate change
Costa Rica, October 27-31

The Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center (CATIE), the World Bank, the German...

1st Roundtable on Carbon Policy and Governance Operationalizing Carbon Finance for Sustainable Tree Crops in Ghana
November 27-28. 2008 | Accra, Ghana

Ghana’s National Technical REDD Committee and the Climate Change Unit of Ghana Forestry Commission convened the 1st Roundtable on Carbon Policy and Governance in Accra on November 27 & 28, 2008. The roundtable focused on “Operationalizing Carbon Finance for Sustainable Tree Crops in Ghana.” The...

Katoomba XIV Avoiding Deforestation in the Amazon through PES Markets
April 1 - 2, 2009 | Cuiaba, Mato Grosso, Brasil

Ler em português Tropical deforestation accounts for 20 percent of heat-trapping gas emissions worldwide. In...

Katoomba XIV Brazil Avoiding Deforestation in the Amazon: REDD and PES Markets
April 1 - 2, 2009 | Cuiaba, Mato Grosso Brazil

Ver o site em Português The XIV Katoomba Meeting was held in Mato Grosso in partnership with the Mato Grosso State Government....

Katoomba XIV Brasil Evitando o Desmatamento na Amazônia: REDD e Mercados PSA
1 - 2 de abril de 2009 | Cuiabá, Mato Grosso, Brasil

See site in English A 14ª Reunião Katoomba foi realizada em Mato Grosso, em parceria com o Governo do Estado do Mato Grosso....

Seminar on Carbon Credits: Challenges and Perspectives for Indigenous Territories
February 19, 2009 | Brasilia, Brazil

The Communities and Markets Program at Forest Trends partnered with the Brazilian Foundation for Indigenous Affairs (FUNAI) to present and debate the challenges and opportunities around carbon markets in the context of indigenous territorial rights in Brazil. The specific objective of the seminar...

May 13 - 15, 2009 | Kampala, Uganda

From May 13 - 15, the Katoomba Group hosted the second meeting in a series of scoping workshops for an analysis of the legal, policy and institutional frameworks that impact the development of forest carbon (including REDD) projects. This meeting drew upon the criteria and methodologies developed...

Katoomba XV - Ghana Integrated Solutions: Water, Biodiversity, and Terrestrial carbon in West Africa
October 6-7, 2009 | Accra, Ghana

The Katoomba Group is an international network working to promote and improve capacity related to markets and payments for ecosystem services (PES). The mission of the Katoomba Group is threefold: to identify and respond to gaps in PES theory and practice; share intelligence about new...

Curso para Lideranças Comunitárias sobre Pagamentos por Serviços Ambientais e REDD
Agosto 16 - 20, 2009 | Rio Branco, Acre, Brasil

Pagamentos por serviços ambientais têm o potencial de gerar novas fontes de recursos para a conservação da biodiversidade e melhorar os meios de sustento das comunidades locais. Na medida em que esquemas de crédito de carbono, tais como seqüestro de carbono por reflorestamento e redução das...

Seminario-Taller: Aspectos jurídico-legales e institucionales de los esquemas PSA Compensación por servicios de los ecosistemas en Colombia, Perú y Brasil
18 de septiembre 2009 | Quito, Ecador

Objetivo: Facilitar el diálogo regional sobre distintas experiencias nacionales de implementación de esquemas de compensación por servicios ecosistémicos con miras a su promoción como herramienta para el manejo, conservación y restauración de los ecosistemas. Resumen: Este taller hace parte...

1-3 March 2009 | Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

From March 1-3, the Katoomba Group held a scoping workshop for an analysis of the legal, policy and institutional frameworks that impact the development of forest carbon (including REDD) projects in Tanzania. Over the course of three days, eight participants met to outline an analysis of current...

SCOPING STUDY OF FOREST CARBON PROJECT POTENTIAL IN GHANA Preliminary Review of Legal and Institutional Constraints
2 - 3 July 2009 | Accra, Ghana

Objectives The main aims of the ROSE meeting were to explore and prioritise REDD project opportunities, and identify key constraints to cost-effective project development. This involved a systematic ‘REDD project type’ analysis with the aim of identifying a balanced and strategic portfolio of...

Katoomba XVI - California Building a Blueprint to Harness New Investment for the Protection of Marine and Coastal Ecosystem Services
February 9-10, 2010 | Moore Foundation, Palo Alto, CA

BACKGROUND The oceans provide a great many critical but undervalued ecosystem services that are nearing thresholds for healthy functioning, putting coastal populations ever more at risk. Given the failure of many conventional management measures and the insufficient resources available for...

El I Congreso de Redes de Servicios Ambientales en Ibero América
November 11-13 | La Paz, Bolivia

Objetivo General: Iniciar un proceso de articulación conjunta entre redes de profesionales interesados en la aplicación del concepto de ‘servicios ambientales’ dentro de programas de conservación y uso sostenible de los recursos naturales en los países Ibero Americanos.

Indigenous and Community Engagement in REDD Experiences in Project Design and MRV
December 12, 2009 | Copenhagen, Denmark

On Saturday, December 12, 2009, Forest Trends and the Katoomba Group, in partnership with Fundación Amigos de la Naturaleza – Bolivia, hosted a side event at COP 15 which focused on the role that indigenous peoples and local communities can play in developing carbon projects and policy. Panelists...

Katoomba XVII - Hanoi Taking the Lead: Payments for Ecosystem Services in Southeast Asia
June 23-24, 2010 | Hanoi, Vietnam

Detailed updates and schedule are available at live.katoombagroup.org! Through-out Southeast Asia, there is increasing regional interest in market-based conservation strategies, including payments for ecosystem services (PES). While a number of projects are underway, PES in the Southeast...

Projeto Conservação da Biodiversidade e Uso Sustentável das Florestas no Noroeste de Mato Grosso Oficina de Capacitação sobre Monitoramento de Biomassa em SAFs e Pagamento de Serviços Ambientais
23 - 26 de Fevereiro de 2010 | Juruena, Mato Grosso, Brasil

Recuperação produtiva de passivo ambiental e avaliação de serviços ecossistêmicos

1. Introduzir a temática do papel dos sistemas de uso da terra na promoção de serviços ecossistêmicos;
2. Estabelecer e testar uma metodologia para a medição e avaliação dos...

Curso: Pago por Servicios Ambientales y REDD para Líderes Comunitarios
24 al 27 de mayo del 2010 | Puerto Maldonado, Perú

Forest Trends, la Agencia para el Desarrollo Internacional de los Estados Unidos de América, la Unidad de Apoyo de la Iniciativa para la Conservación en la Amazonía Andina, Translinks, el Instituto de Pesquisa Ambiental de la Amazonía, la Asociación para la Conservación de la Cuenca Amazónica, la...

Emerging Opportunities in Payments for Ecosystem Services and Hydrological Resources Realizing the potential for payments for ecosystem services in Peru
May 24, 2010 | Lima, Peru

The goal of this series of public and private meetings was to explore, and advise on, opportunities for payments for ecosystem services with Peruvian governmental authorities. Specific issues included legal and policy needs, management of financing, and valuation of environmental services to...

Marine and Coastal Katoomba Group Meeting - PRIVATE EVENT Moving Market-based Strategies for Protection of Marine and Coastal Ecosystem Services from Concept to Reality Registration Required
November 1-4, 2010 | La Paz, Mexico

This timely workshop follows the first-ever Marine Katoomba Meeting held at the Moore Foundation in Palo Alto, CA in February 2010. The aim of this meeting is to develop the “blueprint” for realizing markets and other innovative financing mechanisms in the marine and coastal realms, building on...

Environmental Services Capacity Building Course for Technical Staff of the Government of Acre A workshop jointly hosted by Forest Trends and the State Secretary of Environment (SEMA)
9 - 12 November, 2010 | Rio Branco, Acre, Brazil

The Acre State Secretary of Environmental Management (SEMA) has finalized the new System of Incentives for Environmental Services (SISA). As Acre has worked vigorously to formalize the implementing institutions and ratify the legislation which established program, building capacity for SEMA...

Katoomba XVIII: Forests, Water, and People Catalyzing Innovation for Sustainable Watersheds
May 16, 2013 | Beijing, China

    Continuing the tradition of 17 previous international Katoomba meetings, Katoomba XVIII: Forests, Water, and People will gather leading experts, practitioners, policymakers, and investors from China and abroad to advance nature-based solutions to the water crisis for an urbanizing...

Katoomba XIX Scaling Up Sustainable Commodity Supply Chains
March 19-20, 2014 | Iguazu Falls, Brazil

In March of 2014, nearly 200 people gathered in Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil for Katoomba XIX, including producers and buyers in the cattle and soy industries, financial institutions, government and multilateral agencies, deforestation experts, and civil society organizations. Situated on the border of...

Climate, Forests, Water, and People: A Vision of Development for Tropical America
April 2014 | Peru

Just months before Lima hosts over 190 countries to advance international climate negotiations at COP 20, Katoomba XX – Peru will identify opportunities for climate policy and finance to align with other public and private investments and commitments to ensure that forests and other ecosystems...