The Incubator brings together global expertise and local capacity with the aim of helping communities, landowners and governments develop viable carbon finance and other payments for ecosystem services projects

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Biochar Plant
Biochar PlantIn Costa Rica, The Incubator is assessing biocharís potential to enhance ecosystem service delivery, such as carbon sequestration, through enhanced biomass production and carbon storage in soils.  
Children at Pump
Children at PumpThe Incubator facilitates the development of Social Impact Assessments in alignment with CCB standards  
ClassesIncubator Workshops provide early-stage payment for ecosystem services (PES) and land-based carbon projects with focused training on everything from financial management to silvicultural techniques  
WaterfallThe Incubator Project in Nudo del Azuay, Ecuador, is an example of a PES scheme for hydrological services (such as sediment control and flow stabilization) which provides upland land holders with incentives to implement conservation and sustainable use activities 
United Nations Flags
United Nations FlagsThe Incubator works to scale up the results of its interventions by formalizing institutional capacity in regions of operation, creating precedent for future projects, and informing government policy making from the local to international level. For instance, The Incubator directly contributed to the National REDD proposal of Uganda, and is working to pilot a framework in Peru for nesting local project activity within national and subnational carbon accounting systems 
SignatureThe Incubator provides early-stage ecosystem service projects with access to international legal guidance on complex issues such as contract design and tenure/ resource rights of landholders 
TribesmanThrough its technical expertise, the Incubator helps to design carbon finance mechanisms which also create opportunities in projects for improved biodiversity conservation, sustainable/ alternative use, and strengthened indigenous rights 
Grazing Cows
Grazing CowsTo support a group of ranchers and farmers in their commitment to environmental conservation, The Incubator is researching potential revenue streams from PES such as a sustainable brand for beef products, and carbon offset payments for Afforestation / Reforestation projects as well as REDD 
NetworksNetworks between communities, private forest owners and local governments for collective development and implementation of forest management plans are an effective approach to reduce deforestation and degradation and market emission reductions on the landscape scale