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REDD for Conservation of Amazon Rainforest in the Surui Indigenous Territory, Brazil


This project will catalyze carbon finance to promote the conservation of biodiversity and indigenous rights, and serve as a model for how REDD can benefit Amazon indigenous communities – groups who control over 1/5th of Amazon forests.

How it will work:

The Surui REDD project aims to use REDD+ finance to support the Surui indigenous peoples of Brazil in their efforts to develop alternative livelihoods and protect over 240,000 hectares of forest.  The Surui, after seeing their population and territories decimated by road-building and a massive influx of settlers in the 1970s and 1980s, have been able to largely halt the tide of deforestation that extends to the borders of their territories.  However, pressures from logging, ranching and agriculture continue to mount, and likely to lead to growing deforestation in the years ahead.  REDD could help to fund strengthened protection of these forests and improved livelihoods for the Surui, confirming the critical role that indigenous peoples play in protecting forests and combating climate change, as well as demonstrating that well-designed REDD mechanisms can improve local livelihoods and control over resources.  A fiduciary trust will be established to help fund long-term development plans crafted by the Surui, including improved protection from encroachment and alternative income-generating activities.

Project development Support: 

  • Development of a Project Design Document, including a project –specific model for developing a baseline and carbon stock assessment
  • Establishing informed decision making and prior informed consent through climate change and REDD education in the Surui tribes, and participatory project planning
  • Legal assessments of forest carbon rights to determine Surui’s rights to the forest carbon and the economic benefits derived from it
  • Financing and investor engagement – Marketing and support for Surui negotiations with interested investors; development of a trust to administer REDD revenues.

Project Partners:  Metareilá Surui Association,  Amazon Conservation Team-Brazil, Kanindé , IDESAM, Baker & Mackenzie, FUNBIO

Project Details
Fundo Paiter Surui: Manual Operacional[PDF]
Fundo Paiter Surui: Presentation[PDF]
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, Click here for Surui Brochure
Market:  Voluntary carbon market
Location: Rondonia and Mato Grosso, Western Brazil
Project Types: REDD
Biome: Rainforest
Hectares: 248,000-hectares
Total Reductions: Reduction Potential:  ~2MtCO2-e to 2045 (865,000 tCO2-e for 2010-2012)
Status: Design
Standard: VCS, CCB
Developer: Katoomba Incubator and partners
Contact: Jacob Olander [jolander[at]]

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