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Sustainable Charcoal Production, Ghana


Pilot a district wide effort to ensure more efficient production methods, which can reduce carbon emissions by reducing the amount of wood required to produce charcoal.  Specifically, this will mean introducing more efficient earthen mounds and/or kilns.  

How it will work:

  • The Incubator is researching the applicability of CDM-approved small scale methodologies for biomass conversion efficiency and methane flaring, assessing kiln options, and estimating project benefits and costs.  
  • A project implementation note and project proposal will be developed.  
  • As the project is implemented in cooperation with charcoal producer associations, traditional authorities, and other stakeholders, woodlots (A/R) and improved forest management practices will be promoted to increase sustainability.  

Project Partners: Nature Conservation Research Centre
Project Details: 
Market: CDM
Location: Ghana, Nkoranza District
Project Types: Small Scale Energy Efficiency and Methane Destruction
Biome: Forest-Savannah belt
Hectares: TBD
Total Reductions: An assessment commissioned by the Incubator in 2009 indicated that improved charcoal production could yield carbon emission reductions of up to 2 tonnes of CO2 for every ton of charcoal produced, depending on the methodologies employed.
Status: Feasibility
Standard: AMS II.G - type 2 energy efficiency and AMS-III.K - ethane avoidance in char production
Registry: TBD
Verifier: TBD
Crediting Period: 7 years
Developer: NCRC
Contact: Rebecca Asare [rasare[at]]
Last Updated: August 2010