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Budongo-Bugoma Landscape Project


Facilitate network formation among communities, private forest owners and local governments for collective development and implementation of a landscape forest management plan in order to reduce deforestation and degradation and market emission reductions.

How it will work:

  • The project will focus on the degraded tropical high forest and woodlands within the wildlife corridor (currently being mapped).
  • The Incubator will also further engage local government structures to build aspects of the landscape plan into local government development plans.
  • A feasibility study is being undertaken to evaluate the potential for REDD in the conversion of these small forest patches within the landscape.  
  • The Incubator will directly contribute to the National REDD Proposal Document to be prepared by April 2010.
  • The Budongo-Bugoma landscape project will demonstrate how REDD incentives can be used for sustainable forest management among private, community and government stakeholders.

Project Partners: Jane Goodall Uganda, Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), Nature Harness Initiatives & the National Forestry Authority
Project Details:  Click to read full feasibility assessment
Location: Uganda, Budongo & Bugoma forest reserves within the Masindi, Hoima, Kibale, and Kyenjojo districts
Project Types: REDD
Biome: Tropical high forests & woodland
Hectares: In total, the forest patches (ranging in size from 4 ha to 3400 ha) in the landscape make up about 450,000 ha under private ownership, communal management or government.
Status: Feasibility
Developer: Uganda National Forestry Authority
Contact: Jacob Olander [jolander[at]]
Last Updated: March 2010