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Alto Huayabamba Conservation Concession (CCAH) REDD Project


Develop a REDD project that contributes directly to conservation of a 146,000 forest concession on the Amazon slopes of the Peruvian Andes and pilots a framework for nesting of project activities within national and sub-national systems in order to deliver compliance grade emissions reductions.

How it will work:

Amazónicos por la Amazonía (AMPA) is a non-governmental organization granted a 40- year conservation concession covering montane areas of high biodiversity and archaeological value as well as sources of water supply for several towns located downstream.

Threats from planned road construction are clear and documented, and REDD finance has been included as an important component of the government –sanctioned management plan for the area. By working with regional government and local families within and adjacent to the concession, AMPA aims to avert the deforestation impacts typically associated with new road access in frontier forests.

The project is also leading the development of a regional baseline model across the entire 50,000 km2 Department of San Martín, in collaboration with regional government and other project developers, to ensure a clear and consistent sub-national accounting framework.

Project Development Support:

Katoomba Incubator is supporting the development of

  • Regional baseline model
  • Project Design  Document
  • Legal due diligence and review of carbon rights of concession holders
  • Social impact assessment in alignment with CCB standards
  • Investor outreach

Project Partners: AMPA, Asociación Amazónicos por la Amazonía, CarbonDecisions , San Martin Regional Government, Conservation International, CCB Alliance
Project Details: Link to project description
Market: REDD
Location: San Martin Department, Peru
Biome:  Tropical montane forest and  Andean grasslands
Hectares: The CCAH covers 143,938 ha between 4600 and 2000 m.a.s.l. Two neighboring concessions, created with AMPA’s support, expand the potential project area to 350,000 has.
Total Reductions:  TBD
Status: Design
Standard: VCS and CCB
Developer: AMPA
Contact: Jacob Olander [jolander[at]], Karina Pinasco (k.pinasco[at]