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Liberian Protected Areas


To conserve some of West Africa’s largest remaining expanses of Guinean forest through pilot REDD project development, and to help the Liberian government to develop and implement its REDD strategy, through local pilot initiatives & policy support. 

How it will work:

The project reflects as coordinated effort in Cape Mount County and Lofa County to help local farmers and their communities to combine income from tree crops, NTFPs, ecotourism, and carbon credits to achieve economic, social, and environmental objectives, and to link that support to reducing deforestation pressure in these locations.

Project development Support:

  • The Incubator will estimate potential carbon revenues based on threat mitigation strategies according to REDD methodologies accepted in voluntary carbon markets.
  • The Incubator’s forest carbon project design interventions will inform the government’s policy making, and may open up other REDD revenue options for Liberian communities

Project Partners: McCall MacBain Foundation (MCMBF), Conservation International (CI), Forest Trends (FT) and Nature Conservation Research Centre (NCRC), along with local NGOs SADS and FACE.
Location: Wonegizi / Wolegizi, Lofa County, and Lake Piso, Cape Mount County, Liberia
Project Types: REDD, multi-benefits, ecotourism, NTFPs
Status: Feasibility
Contact: Rebecca Ashley Asare []