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Regional Partners

Regionally, the Incubator works with strategic local implementation partners -- Centers of Excellence – that the Incubator supports in stable, ongoing relationships to develop regional capacity. These currently include Nature Conservation Research Centre (West Africa), Instituto de Conservação e Desenvolvimento Sustentável do Amazonas - IDESAM (Brazil) and EcoDecisión (Andean region).

Nature Conservation Research Centre (NCRC):


NCRC is a Ghanaian non-profit organization implementing conservation initiatives to promote a greater awareness of and protection for the natural, historic and cultural diversity of Ghana and, ultimately, the West African sub-region. NCRC is recognized internationally as a leader in developing rural ecotourism and community protected areas as a means of economic development and resource conservation. Founded in 1996, NCRC’s initiatives have facilitated sustainable economic development in scores of poor rural areas of Ghana and other nations in West Africa. The key ingredient of success is the philosophy that conservation will only be successful in settings where the affected local communities obtain tangible economic returns and cultural incentives for its implementation.




The Institute for Conservation and Sustainable Development of Amazonas (Idesam) is a Brazilian non-profit, non-governmental organization that is emerging as an important actor in developments around forest carbon and REDD in Brazil and internationally. IDESAM promotes and implement land based projects for REDD, Reforestation and Sustainable Forest Management, as well as capacity building and training courses focused on forest conservation and sustainable development in the Amazon region. Through its capacity building, training and project development activities, IDESAM has been involved in many projects and initiatives related to PES and REDD in Brazil, Latin America and other regions in the world.




EcoDecisión is a social enterprise dedicated to developing new ways to finance conservation. EcoDecisión is a pioneer in the emerging ecosystem services markets of climate change mitigation, water source protection and biodiversity conservation. Established in 1995, EcoDecisión is based in Quito, Ecuador, and works throughout Latin America with a broad array of clients and partners, including international and national non-governmental organizations, businesses, and government institutions.

Project Partners

Alianca da Terra

Fundación Cordillera Tropical

Amazon Conservation Team Google Outreach
Biological Capital International Biochar Initiative
CarbonDecisions International Kanindé
CATIE Metareilá
Conservation International National Forestry Authority Uganda
CP+L Costa Rica Sierra Gorda Biosphere Reserve
EcoLogic Development Fund Wildlife Conservation Society
Fauna and Flora International Woodrising Consulting