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Katoomba Group partners are individuals with interest or experience in ecosystem service payments and markets from across the world working in various sectors who want to collaborate and contribute to Katoomba Group network information and activities.

If you are already a Katoomba partner, please click here to access and edit your account.

Why should I become a partner?
Katoomba Group partners have the advantage of access to: information exchanges and learning through meetings, workshops, e-newsletters, and websites; people with similar interests to share experiences, challenges and solutions related to development of PES initiatives, tools, policies, etc.; and, problem solving from—or sharing expertise within—a ‘PES Rapid Response Mechanism’ to assist on specific initiatives and obstacles.  If you have questions, please contact Tommie Herbert at therbert@forest-trends.org.

This page allows you to sign up as a partner with the Katoomba Group. Required Fields are marked with an asterix (*).

There are two levels of engagement – Partners and Fellows -

Partners – In addition reading the newsletters and attending Katoomba Group meetings, I...

  • contribute materials such as case studies, PES tools, reports to the Katoomba Group for dissemination to the network through newsletters, websites and/or conferences
  • engage in problem solving and/or sharing expertise as part of the PES Rapid Response mechanism

Fellow – In addition to partner activities, I...

  • contribute in-kind time and resources to the work of the Katoomba Group
  • have been a speaker at a Katoomba Group event
  • am actively seeking to engage my organization/funds to further develop the work of the Katoomba Group
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Topics and Issues I Work On
Aggregation of Ecosystem Services
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Community Livelihoods
Market & Finance Analysis/Business Planning
Policy & Legal Analysis
Project Design
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I would like to engage in the Katoomba Group’s Rapid Response Mechanism and give my time and expertise to help other Katoomba Group Partner PES projects.

I can be contacted via email or telephone by other Katoomba Group partners for help on projects in my areas of expertise.
As a Katoomba Group partner, I am available to travel to Katoomba Group partner projects to give expertise days per year. My time and costs would need to be covered in order for me to participate.
As a Katoomba Group fellow, I am available to travel to Katoomba Group partner projects to give expertise days per year. My time and costs will be an in-kind contribution to the network [costs will be covered by individual or supported by individual’s organization]. Please contact me to discuss.