PES Contracts

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Global interest in environmental markets and payments for ecosystem services (PES) is steadily increasing. From governments through community organizations and farmers, there is growing awareness of transactions related to sequestering carbon, restoring natural filtration of water, and maintaining biodiversity. Yet, few countries have enabling policy environments for PES.  Fewer still have clarity on key issues related to transactions around ecosystem services, such as carbon rights and tailored PES contracts relevant to national laws.

When governments—from national through municipal—step in to craft policy, numerous questions emerge around policy language and appropriate safeguards against unintended consequences. It is unclear where to turn for answers to time-sensitive policy questions.

In response to this need, the Katoomba Group has established the Rapid Response Team to provide time-sensitive advising on policies related to environmental markets and payments for ecosystem services. Operating informally since 2005, this initiative enables policy makers from around the world to seek out focused advising in either short timeframes or over the course of several months within a legislative session.

The Katoomba Group's Rapid Response Team (RRT) transforms a global network—built over the past decade—into a readily accessible set of expert advisors on PES frameworks, laws, and policies. The Katoomba Group’s advisors all have in-depth experience with policy interventions and PES project design in order to serve as credible advisors to governments, businesses, and PES practitioners. Browse the following pages to learn more about past engagements, RRT advisors, and how to apply for our support.