PES Contracts

The Katoomba Group's Legal Initiative
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Markets and payments for ecosystem services (PES), including those for carbon, water, and biodiversity, raise complex legal questions. Yet, little guidance exists for understanding and navigating applicable laws and regulations. Similarly lacking is information about “best practices” for ensuring that PES agreements are equitable, sustainable, and environmentally effective. This uncertainty affects all stakeholders, from communities to project developers to and other ecosystem service providers, investors, and policymakers.

Forest Trends and the Katoomba Group's Legal Initiative work to clarify PES legal issues and address technical gaps. Specifically, we:

  1. Develop country-specific legal and policy information on opportunities and barriers for PES. See examples of our country-specific work.
  2. Create and share transactional tools in order to increase predictability and clarity and reduce costs in PES transactions. Go to the PES contract toolkit.
  3. Provide capacity-building and access to experts for PES stakeholder groups. Go to the Rapid Response Team website.

Please contact Slayde Hawkins (shawkins at forest-trends.org) or Sissel Waage (swaage at forest-trends.org) with questions or comments.