Regional Katoombas: Tropical AmericaBackground & Goals

Rubber TreesOne of the three regional Katoomba Group networks, the Tropical America Katoomba Group (TAKG) officially launched in April 2006 with a meeting of 14 Steering Committee members in Quito, Ecuador to define priorities and activities for this new regional group. A launch event held in October 2006 in São Paulo, Brazil was co-hosted with the Fundação Getulio Vargas School for Sustainability, bringing together approximately 500 people for a two day public forum on the status of PES in Latin America and globally.  This was followed by a smaller meeting tackling critical Brazilian and global challenges in Payment for Ecosystem Services (PES), as well as defining needs for building PES capacities in the region. 

The regional network focuses on strengthening influential individuals from all key sectors to spur effective collaboration in the development of institutions and policies required to establish and grow payment and market systems for ecosystem services. The TAKG:

  • Focuses on developing capacity of project developers, local organizations and policymakers to create PES transactions and frameworks,
  • Builds regional know-how and capacity related to PES through training sessions, the creation of tools, guidelines and methodologies, and by communicating developments in the field of PES, and,
  • Promotes collaboration between network partners and sharing of knowledge regionally and internationally.