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Johannes Ebeling et al.


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Building Forest Carbon Projects

Step-by-Step Overview and Guide


Johannes Ebeling, Jacob Olander - Forest Trends






(NOTE: Only the Overview and Guide part of this series can be downloaded from the link above; the other 8 guidance documents need to be downloaded from the respective links below).
Forest projects around the world are working to confront the practical challenges of reducing emissions and providing local benefits. To facilitate the development of forest projects, we have compiled strategic step-by–step guidance to emerging best practices. Drawing on the experience of the Katoomba Incubator, this series of documents helps project developers understand key technical, social, environmental, and financial issues and points the way to key tools and guidance. Composed of nine volumes, the Building Forest Carbon Projects series is best accessed first through the Step-by-Step Overview and Guide, which outlines the key steps in the project development cycle. This overview is omplemented by the eight guidance documents that constitute the meat of the series, with each exploring in detail one critical aspect of forest carbon project development.


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Release Date: July 2011
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Subdocuments of this Publication

REDD Guidance

REDD Guidance: Technical Project Design

Joerg Seifert-Granzin - Forest Trends
AR Guidance

AR Guidance: Technical Project Design

Johannes Ebeling, Alvaro Vallejo - Carbon Decisions International
Carbon Stock Assessment Guidance

Carbon Stock Assessment Guidance: Inventory and Monitoring Procedures

David Diaz, Matt Delaney - Forest Trends, L&C Carbon
Community Engagement Guidance

Community Engagement Guidance: Good Practice for Forest Carbon Projects

Tom Blomley, Michael Richards - Natural Resource Consultants Ltd., Forest Trends
Biodiversity Impacts Guidance

Biodiversity Impacts Guidance: Key Assessment Issues for Forest Carbon Projects

John Pilgrim, Jonathan Ekstrom, Johannes Ebeling - The Biodiversity Consultancy

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