Conference Proceedings

Downloadable Presentations in PDF Format

Luciano Mattos, IPAM

Establishing Property Rights in Environmental Services
Sara J. Scherr, University of Maryland (35KB)

Institutional Building: The Creation of a Water Agency in Brazil
Hebert Shubert, Agencia Nacional de Aguas (National Water Agency) (411KB)

Paying for Water Services
Stephano Pagiola, The World Bank Group (133KB)

Proposal for an Infomation Clearing house on Forests and Water: Markets, Economics and Hydrology
Bruce Aylward, Independent Consultant (673KB)

U.S. Enviornmental Policies Verus Global Policy Alternatives
Antonio Bueno, Bolsa de Mercadorias e Futuros (251KB)

An Environmental Registry: Capturing the Financial Value of Environmental Services
Ben Feldman, Environmental Resources Trust (475KB)

Report on Vancouver
Gary Bull, University of British Columbia, Eric Schroff, Iisaak Forest Resources (7KB)

Markets for Environmental Services: Preliminary Findings
Josh Bishop, IIED (60KB)

Biodiversity Credits: Direct Economic Reward for Sustainable Management
Jim Shields, Forest Services (1567KB)

Markets for Biodiversity Products & Services
Patricia Moles, A2R (60KB)

The Global Carbon Market and the Prototype Carbon Fund
Ken Newcombe, The World Bank Group, Washington D.C. (1250KB)

Delivering the Greenhouse Gas Market
Alice LeBlanc, Environmental Financial Products, Chicago (440KB)

Forest Ecosystem Services and Markets for the Amazon
Mary Alegretti, Amazon Coordination, MMA (0KB)